We are not in the business of marketing fear

Our values

  • Listening to the client and customer satisfaction
  • Independence
  • Ethics
  • Rational and sound management of the problems of environment pollution (soil, water, air)
  • Responsibility for the work we undertake
  • Scientific rigour and pragmatism
  • Commitment to continuous improvement in our know-how and services

Our credentials

  • ISO 9001 certification
    Our certification is proof of our professionalism, the quality and dependability of our work, our constant attention to customer satisfaction and our desire for continuous improvement in our work.
  • Quality charter
    At Ram-Ses, we have drawn up a Quality Charter which we apply to our risk assessments. In it we affirm our commitment to taking our responsibilities seriously and avoiding “ready-made” solutions where necessary in order to put reason at the centre of decision-making.
    We always maintain strict confidentiality in our risk assessment and advisory work..
  • Accredited training provider
    Since 2012, we have been providing training courses for design offices, business federations, architects, administrative authorities, etc. in the field of risk assessment and management.
    Our recognition as an accredited provider ensures that you receive high quality training combining theory and practice and suited to your needs in the field of soil management.
  • Professional affiliations

    Ram-Ses is a member of the Walloon Employer’s Organisation (UWE), the AVETTA Consortium, the francophone society of health and environment (sfse) and the Belgian Society of Toxicology and Ecotoxicology (BelTox).

        Our team is involved in the work of international networks: