Your specialist partner for the rational management of polluted environments

Our multidisciplinary team offers expertise in the following fields

Development of standards for all types of relevant pollutant, including emerging pollutants and the by-products of decomposition where no applicable standards exist in compliance with the methodologies developped for risk assessment:

  • proposals for regulatory values in the context of the Decree of 05/12/2008 concerning soil management (Walloon soil decree), Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), the directive on industrial emissions (“IED” Directive), etc.
  • proposals for pollutant concentration thresholds for groundwater intended for the production of drinking water
  • proposals for maximum permitted concentrations in soil in order to ensure the quality of agricultural products

Management of pollutants where no applicable standards exist

ethylpentane molecule free


Scientific and technical/legal support in the development of innovative solutions:

  • in order to enable the socio-economic and/or ecological use of polluted marginal land
  • in order to enable the use of organic by-products in soils
  • ...

Working with you on bold, innovative solutions