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Our expertise

Because risk assessment is a completely separate discipline, at Ram-Ses we have made it our core business. Our expertise is based on a wide range of international experience and collaboration. Our multidisciplinary team and our scientific monitoring and development work are the basis of our mastery of procedures and methodology. This expertise allows us to provide relevant advices for sustainable management of polluted sites.

Our experience and know-how cover the assessment of risks to:



Concerned by risk assessment?

The objective of a Risk Assessment is to evaluate the impact that pollution of the soil, water, air, sediments, etc. may have on health and the environment (ecosystems, surface and groundwater).

Investing in a Ram-Ses Risk Assessment may be your greatest asset in taking rational, financially sound decisions in the following contexts:


A risk assessment combining scientific rigour with a pragmatic approach is your greatest asset!

Quality Charter

Visualisation 3D from adobeWhile complying with legal requirements, what distinguishes our risk assessments is the use of all options available to adapt to any situation. We develop our own tools and use various internationally recognised software packages with discernment. Our assessments are preceded by a critical review and statistical processing of pollutant concentration data (exploratory analysis). Our reports are accompanied by a non-technical summary containing the elements necessary for effective communication of the risks.

Our risk assessments are supported by a specific Ram-Ses Quality Charter included in our ISO 9001 procedures.