Your specialist partner for the rational management of polluted environments

Assessment of risks to ecosystems

Our specialist services include in particular:

  • Analysis of the biological environment and of sensitive or representative organisms (Natura2000 sites, wetlands, sites of special biological interest, etc.)
  • Identification of the interactions between these organisms, the medium in which they live and ambient pollution (development of a “site conceptual model”)
  • Modelling of the transfer of pollutants from the medium to the living organisms in question, taking into account the specifics of their exposure
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the exposure of organisms to pollution of the soil, water, air, sediments (calculation of “exposure doses”)
  • Assessment of the risks which may result from such exposure by comparison with reference ecotoxicological values (calculation “of risk indices”)
  • Estimate of the Potentially Affected Fractions (PAF) of microorganisms, invertebrates and vegetation
  • Interpretation of biotest results
  • Research on and development of reference ecotoxicological values for all pollutants
  • ...

Example of a site conceptual model developed using TerraSysTM software